Status - Completed

Completion - 2009

Arnotts Ground Floor

In late Summer 2009, PTAD started work on the redesign of various elements of the new Cosmetic Hall in Arnotts fronting onto Henry Street. The project involved redesigning the internal architectural envelope including extensive works to the ceiling; working with the cosmetic brands approving and co-ordinating their design and setting the tone and mood for the entire space. The intention was to return Arnotts to the elegance and style once evident in their historic Henry Street store.

New Fragrance Fixtures were introduced as part of the overall Ground Floor refurbishment and were designed to marry with the theme of elegance and stlye with an Art Deco touch. The new fixtures provide a consistent brand identity to the Arnotts Fragrance offer.

A key element of the Ground floor refurbishment, the Ladies Shoe & Accessories department had previously suffered from a lack of consistency and style. PTA introduced a concept driven by a renaissance of the ideals of yester-year. With a hint of Art Deco and combining rich and colourful materials, the new installation provides an elegant mantle upon which fabulous product may be displayed.